2019 Accomplishments

Team 4488 was ranked #1 in the world for 2019 HAB RP rating, meaning the success rate of our robot to climb the large step (Habitat) was the highest out of the over four thousand teams competing in 2019.

Ranked 22nd in the world considering all the official matches the team have played since its rookie year.

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2019 World Championship - Galileo Division, Houston, TX

  • Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors
  • Pit Safety Award

2019 Pacific Northwest FIRST District Championship

As a member of the Pacific Northwest district, Team 4488 ranked 4, among 151 teams, having earned 293 points.
  • Rank 3
  • District Championship Finalist
  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation
  • FRC Top 10 US West and Canada West Week 6 (world vote) - #8
  • FRC Top 10 US West and Canada West Week 6 (West Region vote) - #5

2019 PNW District Lake Oswego

blue banner

  • Team 4488 was Rank 1 with a record of 16-4-0
  • District Event Winner
  • Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors

2019 PNW District Clackamas

  • Team 4488 was Rank 3. Captain of 2nd alliance
  • Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi

2019 Team with Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway


2019 Go Baby Go China

Team 4488 volunteers for the project Go Baby Go in Oregon and has been a important influence of the Go Baby Go in China. Go Baby Go is a nationwide project that re-engineers ride-on-cars for children with all types of disabilities learn more...

2019 FIRST Challenge - Deep Space℠

4488 News 3/1/19

FIRST Deep Space, is the FIRST Robotics Competition game for the 2019 season. As in past games, two alliances of three individual teams and their robots compete on a field to score "match" points to win the game, and ranking points to advance to playoff rounds. The game has a space theme and teams are required to place playground balls which represent cargo into a simulated one-level cargo ship and three-level rocketship on the side of the of the field. Each cargo space must be secured with a panel to hold the cargo in place. The game begins with a sandstorm where drivers have no vision of the field for 15 seconds. The robots are able to operate autonomously or via camera. Each alliance has one rocket and one cargo hold to fill with cargo and panels from the field and human players. At the end of the match, robots return to the multi-level base, earning additional points for every level they reach before time runs out.

2019 Game Animation

Reveal Video

Robot - Supernova and two panels autonomous mode

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2019 Stats

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2019 Sponsors

This season was possible thanks to our wonderful sponsors, partners, and friends.

FIRST Tech, Toll Family, Freelove Family, Crays Family, Screen Graphics, Electro-Chem Metal Finishing, Ace Hardware, Port Plastics, Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co., AndyMark, AUVSI Cascade, Professional Plastic, Digikey, Inventables, RevRobotics

Mentors from: Glencoe - W6E L10N - Synopsys Inc - Intel Corporation - Connexus