What do you see when you look at Shockwave? Do you see a team building robots, or a team building the world? Taking the FIRST vision a step further, we build a different type of robot. Shockwave R.O.B.O.T.S. are built on Respect, Opportunity, Belonging, Outreach, and Teamwork, the foundation of Shockwave. 4488 Shockwave Robotics inspires the hearts of kids, teens, and adults globally through these values.

Respect is at the core of Shockwave’s culture and ideology. Members respect mentors, who provide and dedicate time, valuable insight, and knowledge to guide the students' journey. Mentors respect students by supporting ideas, operating in a partnership, and fostering innovation. Shockwave encourages this individual creativity and expression, and spreads it to the community and our generous sponsors. We model gracious professionalism in and outside of competitions, during community outreach, and while interacting with other teams. Respect in collaboration and partnerships is a basis of Shockwave which we instill in all members.

Opportunity is plentiful for Shockwave members to grow and change the world through hands-on learning including leadership, specialized machinery skills, design, cad, programming and business projects. Shockwave provides opportunity to elementary students through FLL team mentorship, supplying them with the ability to progress through the FIRST program. Travel to China with Go Baby Go allowed Shockwave to give independence to children with limited mobility. Recently, our community partner, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, donated a large robot to our team for the intent of expanding our team’s view on real-world applications of robots.

Belonging to Shockwave is more than “just something to do.” We are an affinity group where people are accepted and included. We have become a large family. Through every challenge, every loss and every win, Shockwave members grow as humans, together. Our team has much diversity which we use to our advantage as we share our unique differences.

Outreach is an important aspect to Shockwave, as we always look for ways to reach beyond our team, spreading the experience of FIRST, providing opportunities for others, and finding ways to improve the world. Shockwave reaches out on a local and global scale, from sharing FIRST with others, to helping those in need.

Teamwork creates synergy within Shockwave making us better together. From the robot drawings, CAD design, and the production of our robot on the technical side, to strategy, business, and marketing on the non-technical side, our unity enables our success.

Shockwave “creates energy that matters” through respect, opportunity, belonging, outreach, and teamwork. Our defining values promote hard work and diligence, sportsmanship, gracious professionalism, and STEM. We are inspired to learn from our mistakes and find solutions. We share aspirations and problems, motivating one another to cross over barriers that are fixed in today’s society, providing a happy and safe place for the members of our family. Our values drive students to be leaders and innovators. Shockwave cultivates the best memorable experience for FIRST Robotics and our community as we passionately follow our values.