The Team

The 2018 team was conposed by 36 students that spent more than 150 hours a year working during team meetings. It is run by the Head Coach with the help of 17 full mentors who guide students in programming, electrical, marketing, and a wide array of mechanical skills. 4488 mentors and volunteers recorded more than 9700 hours volunteering in 2018. We consider full mentors volunteers who help for at least 200 hours in a season. In addition to its mentors, the team has several volunteers and parents who help with field construction, meals, etc.

We have mentors from many different demographics (female, people of color, and FIRST alumni) and occupations who bring diversity and knowledge to the team. We train our mentors on how to effectively work with students, deal with difficult situations, listen to ideas, work with other mentors, and encourage students to give their best. We also train them on using tools to increase safety when they are supervising students.

Team Mentors

Adult Leadership


Williane Tenca - Head Coach
L10N W6E Owner - Localization Engineer
2006 Woodie Flower Award winner
Team 4488 Founder
PNW Lead Committee Team Member (2013-2014), OR Planning Committee Member (2005-2013 and 2016)
Team 1510 Founder and Head Coach 2004-2007 / Team 955 Mentor - 2002-2004
FIRST 2002


Chris Steiner - Coach and Teacher Advisor
Glencoe High School STEM Teacher
Team 4488 Founder
FIRST 2010

Head Mentor

Jean Tenca - Head Mentor, Drive Coach & Integration Lead Mentor
Senior R&D Engineer, Synopsys, Inc.
2015, 16, and 18 Woodie Flower Award Finalist PNW
Team 1510 and 4488 Co-Founder, FIRST Alumnus
FIRST 2002

Lead Mentors and Mentors

Alex (Alexandre) Tenca - Specialized System Lead Mentor
Programming, Mechanical, Electrical Mentor
Principal Engineer and Technical Project Lead at Synopsys, Inc.
Team 1510 and 4488 Co-Founder
FIRST 2002

Sarah Tenca

Sarah Tenca - Strategy Lead and Mechanical Mentor
Office Manager at a Veterinary Clinic
Team 4488 Co-Founder
FIRST 2011

Bret Toll

Bret Toll - Electrical Lead Mentor
4488 Parent
Senior Principle Engineer and CPU Architect at Intel corporation
FIRST 2013

Nick Lekas - Electrical Mentor & LED Lead Mentor
4488 Alumnus
FIRST 2014

William Freelove - Apps Lead Mentor
FIRST 2016

Jennifer South - Mechanical and Business Lead Mentor
FIRST 2013

David Cobbley - Programming Mentor
FIRST 2013


Chris Lambert - CAD Mentor
Resident Engineer at Connexus Industries, Inc.
FIRST 2011

Troy South - Manufacturing Mentor
FIRST 2013

Sam Robinson - Mechanical and Media Mentor
FIRST 2016

Nicole Freelove - Router and Manufacturing Mentor
FIRST 2016

Evie Toll - Business Mentor
4488 Parent
FIRST 2016


Julie Crays - Business Mentor
4488 Parent
Technical Learning Solutions Specialist
FIRST 2016

David Ogden - Manufacturing Mentor
FIRST 2016

Special Volunteers

Steve Zimmerly - Mechanical and Manufacturing Mentor
FIRST 2014

Former Mentors and Special Volunteers
Caio Tenca - FIRST Alumnus - 2013
Mary Steiner - FIRST Alumnus - 2013
Marci Ankerson - 2013-14
Edward Mitchell - 2014-16
Dave Sutherland - FIRST Alumnus - 2013-15
Ben Goetz - FIRST Alumnus - 2015
Lisa Malecky- 2015
Arron Ho - FIRST Alumnus - 2013-16
Thad House - FIRST Alumnus - 2013-16
Steve Haskell - 2018
Senthil Ichennai - 2016-17
Glen Kennedy 2017-18 - Parent
Phil Horton - 2017