Team 4488 FIRST Fair Classes

2020 Rule Change Panel Discussion- Stop Build Day and Cheesecaking

Presenter: Jean (Jon) Tenca - Head Mentor Team 4488
Panel: Bruce Whitefield - Team 2471 and Bryan Lee - Team 4043

2020 Rule Change Discussion Powerpoint
2020 Rule Change Discussion Video

FRC Forming Strategic Alliances Panel Discussion - Pick List Do’s and Don’ts

Presenter: Sarah Tenca - Lead Mentor and Shawn Grewal Team Captain - Team 4488
Panel: Jean (Jon) Tenca - Team 4488 Head Mentor, Bryce Croucher - Team 2471 and Keefe Koenig - Team 2471

FRC Forming Strategic Alliances Panel Discussion Powerpoint
FRC Forming Strategic Alliances Panel Discussion Video
FRC Forming Strategic Alliances Panel Discussion QA Video

4488 Decorative LEDs

Presenter: Nick Lekas, Team 4488 Lead Mentor

Decorative LEDs Powerpoint
Decorative LEDs Video

4488 Wiring Techniques - The 3 R’s of Wiring

Presenters: Nick Lekas - Lead Mentor, Bret Toll - Lead Mentor and, Gannon Dorr - Lead Student - Team 4488

Wiring Techniques Powerpoint
Wiring Techniques Video

4488 3D Printing Basics

Presenters: Bret Toll - Team 4488 Lead Mentor

3D Printing Basics Powerpoint
3D Printing Basics Video

4488 Mentors Roundtable

Team 4488 was pleased to welcome 12 FRC Teams from Oregon and Washington at their 6th Annual Mentors Roundtable

Coaches and Mentors get together gather to share laughter, blow off steam, and discuss what is on their minds, in a safe, judgement free environment. The event creates a closer bond between teams. Team Shockwave also started the Mentors Roundtable in Washington, with Team 2046 Bear Metal.

This year, some of the topics discussed were: the retirement of stop build day and its impact on the build season, keeping the work on track and student/mentor motivation, selecting team leadership and key positions, Team structure and communication, and Fundraising.

For questions, please email Coach Willie/Head Mentor Jean (Jon) at