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Einstein Field Worlds - Houston

Galileo Division

  • Team 4488 was ranked 4 with a record of 14-3-0
  • Championship Subdivision Winner
  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation

Pacific Northwest District Championship

  • Team 4488 was ranked 5 with a record of 12-6-0
  • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation

PNW District Glacier Peak Event

  • Team 4488 was ranked 9 with a record of 11-6-1
  • District Engineering Inspiration Award
  • District Event Finalist

PNW District Wilsonville Event

  • Team 4488 was ranked 11 with a record of 9-6-0
  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation


FIRST Robotics Teams do more than just build robots. In an intense week-long competition, PNW FRC teams designed and presented ideas to create a new vision for OMSI and the Center For Innovation in order to attract and educate teens in STEM. The LEAP (Linking Engineering and Philanthropy) competition was organized by Team 1540, hosted by OMSI, and prizes provided by Autodesk. FRC Team 4488 Shockwave from Glencoe High School, in Hillsboro, was awarded the 1st place prize and $4000. Their winning proposal was entitled Escape Hall and was a multi-part escape room with the theme of Engineering Through Time. Team 4488 detailed the concept and designed a series of challenges for each of the rooms that combines the fun of team challenges while advancing STEM concepts and how they have progressed through time.

2018 Challenge - POWER UP℠

This year, the competition was revealed to be FIRST POWER UP, where teams Play For Real to escape an arcade game. The competition is comprised of scoring yellow “power cubes” into platforms (scale and switch), activating power ups to shift advantage in a match and climbing a rung at the end of the game! To gain an advantage during a match, teams must claim ownership of the switch and scale by placing the power cubes into the designated receptacles retro 8 Bit arcade gaming themed.

Game Animation

2017-18 Mock Build Week - CAN you Recycle?

For 2018 season our students had to pick up cans from the ground and score them while learning how to design and build an arm + roller claw

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2018 Sponsors

This season was possible thanks to our wonderful sponsors, partners, and friends.

Ace Hardware
Port Plastics

Mentors from: Glencoe - W6E L10N - Synopsys Inc - Intel Corporation - Vanguard - Christmas Mountain - Connexus - Keysight Technology