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Shockwave: FRC Glencoe Team 4488 - History

Team 4488 is a second year FRC team set in the heart of Oregon's engineering community. With so many engineering businesses here, we see the need to promote both management and public relations efforts as well as competitive technology applications.

The Team was founded by Chris Steiner after his daughter, Mary, graduated from another FRC team in 2012. After looking at the impact FIRST had on his daughter's life, Chris decided to give the same opportunity to more students in Hillsboro. Mary is now a student at OSU, majoring in managerial economics.

The Tenca family, founder of Team 1510 in 2004, was invited to help start the Glencoe rookie team. They have been involved in FIRST for 12 years, ever since their first son, Jean, was a freshman in one of the first FRC teams in Oregon, Team 955. Their younger son, Caio, became part of FIRST while in middle school. Jean graduated from the University of Washington as an Electrical Engineer and is a Software/Hardware Design Engineer at Synopsys. Caio graduated with a CSS degree from the University of Washington and is a Software research and development Engineer at Google.

Team 4488 has been doing well since its rookie year. Our countless hours spent improving the team and community from our mentors and members have brought us far! Many of our mentors are FRC alumni who share their valuable experience and model gracious professionalism. Local companies have supported the team with mentoroing and financial support. The Glencoe staff and administration has also been very helpful providing expertise and facilitites support.

ShockWave Team 4488 - Second Year
Wildfire: Competition Robot - Second Year