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Glencoe Robotics Team 4488 Outreach

2014 - Shockwave Wins the Chairman's Award at District Level!

Since we accomplished so much in aiding FIRST Teams of all levels and brought elected officals to love the program, we have won the Chairman's Award.

To earn it, we spent many hours holding an FRC Business Roundtable to aid other teams in finances, mentored two FTC teams at Glencoe High School through the year, hosted a tournament for FLL teams at Poynter Middle School, and mentored a Jr.Fll Team at Finley Elementary. Then, we showed Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and State Senator Bruce Starr what FIRST is all about.

After that, a three page essay was written, a three minute video was created, and three brave students presented at a Question and Answer presentation for the judges.

Gratefully, we accepted the Chairman's Award at the Oregon City District Competition, an award that is considered to be higher than winning the competition itself.

2013-2014 - Shockwave Members Mentor a Jr.FLL Team

Our team aided Finley Elementary’s Jr. FLL Team during their rookie year by mentoring the young kids on robotics and the engineering design process in general. Our students voluntarily watched over the excited and energetic children, assisted in teaching them key concepts, and created useful PowerPoint presentations that were presented to further educate the Jr. FLL team.

In each meeting, the Jr. FLL team was taught a concept and then given time to build something from LEGOs using their newfound knowledge. Since our Shockwave volunteers were there, the Jr. FLL leader could split the team into small groups with a mentor or leader helping each group. Another advantage of having an FRC mentor available was that the volunteer could lead the team while the leader temporarily prepared the next lesson or dealt with other essential tasks. It relieved the leader of Jr. FLL and kept everything running smoothly.

Our members have presented multiple lessons to the happy Jr. FLL team. Excellent PowerPoint presentations designed well ahead of time with the upmost quality enhanced the children’s learning. The short shows were shown to them and granted the knowledge and encouragement to create greater contraptions.

The lessons taught the eager and energetic students about what causes earthquakes and the destruction that they inflict. This understanding supported the kids in cooperatively creating ideas for a machine to aid anyone who recently experienced a devastating disaster. The mentors also educated the group about the engineering design process to assist them in efficiently building a better solution when they were ready to begin fabrication of their product.

2013 - FRC Business Roundtable

Our team organized an excellent meeting that included business leaders from numerous teams that was held at Fox Tower, Portland, Oregon, on October 12, 2013. Supported by our lead, everyone exchanged strategies such as sustainable fundraising, public relations, team management, and preparing for awards.

Many teams representatives participated as presentations and speeches were given about how to improve the FRC teams. The main topic was on sustainable operations — a crucial aspect of any team as everyone needs to be able to make their supplies last through the year. Our goal was to unite the eight teams by creating a system where they would support each other when needed by allowing them to make stronger connections with each other through participating in the event.

Here are the links to slides and web pages presented at the FRC Business Roundtable Conference.

2013 - Hillsboro Mayor Willey visits ShockWave 4488

The Bag and Tag ceremony held on February 19th signifies the end of the build season. Each FIRST robotics team is required to stop all building operations and pack their robot away for the competition. The team is not allowed to further improve the robot to benefit them during the FIRST competition. To celebrate this milestone, Shockwave held a public celebration that included Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willie, Washington County Commission Chair Andy Duyck, Intel Corporate Affairs Manager Jill Eiland, and 4 of Hillsboro's 6 school board members. Shockwave's celebration included an exposition of our FRC robots and FTC and FLL demonstrations from local FIRST teams.

Mayor at the Bag and Tag Robotics Celebration Party

2012-2013 - W.L. Henry Elementary School Lego Team mentored by Glencoe 4488

This activity is sponsored by the Glencoe FRC Robotics Team and is led by 3-5 Glencoe Team 4488 students. They meet every Monday, helping the Henry kids work in groups to build robots, program them to perform special routines, and then compete to meet challenges. Click Here to Go to the Henry Elementary School Website

FLL Team
Quentin Luvaas - Glencoe Robotics Team Captain and Founder of the Henry FLL Team

2012 and 2013 - FTC Glencoe Qualifying Tournament hosted by Team 4488

"FRC Team #4488 will be the first FRC team organizing an FTC QT in a named leadership role. Very adventurous for a rookie team." Cathy Swider, Project Administrator Industry Affairs, Oregon University System Oregon Robotics Tournament & Outreach Program

FTC Tournament
Ruby and Carolyn, EMCs - Glencoe Robotics Team Organizing and Volunteering at the FTC Tournament.

2012 and 2013 -Poynter FLL Qualifying Tournament & Glencoe 4488

Team 4488 organized and volunteered this important FLL qualifying tournament.

FLL Tournament
Glencoe Robotics Team Volunteering and Demoing at the FLL Tournament

JFLL Qualifying Tournament

Team members of Team 4488 were pleased to volunteer as project reviewers at the Oregon JFLL tournament.

JFLL Tournament
Steen - Glencoe Robotics Volunteering at the JFLL Tournament

Hillsboro School District Presentation and Hillsboro Rotary Club Presentation

Team Shockwave has presented to the Hillsboro Rotary Club and to the Hillsboro School Board to share our success at the Autodesk Oregon Qualification Tournament and to describe the community support we are providing through our outreach program. Meeting with business leaders and policy makers such as these builds awareness among important leaders and sends the message that FIRST Robotics programs build healthy hearts and strong minds in the future workforce.

Karissa, Malcolm, and Skyler at the Hillsboro School District Presentation