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Team Members

Adult Leadership


Chris Steiner

Coach - Do It All and Business Coach
Glencoe High School STEM Teacher
Team 4488 Founder
FIRST 2010


Williane Tenca

Coach - Do It All and Technical Coach
Localization Engineer, Self-Employed
2006 Woodie Flower Award winner
Team 4488 Co-Founder
PNW Lead Committee Team Member (2013-present), OR Planning Committee Member (2005-2013)
Team 1510 Founder and Head Coach 2004-2007 / Team 955 Mentor - 2002-2004
FIRST 2002

Head Mentor

Jean Tenca
Head Mentor & Mechanical Lead Mentor
R&D Engineer, Synopsys
"I like FIRST because of what it does to people. Rookies come in unsure and timid and veterans leave confident in their work and themselves. FRC offers a place for students to find their passion, a loving community, a ton of fun, and a life-changing experience."
Team 1510 and 4488 Co-Founder, FIRST Alumnus
FIRST 2002

Lead Mentors

Arron Ho
CNC Lead Mentor
CNC Machinist
FIRST Alumnus
FIRST 2005


Alex (Alexandre) Tenca
Specialized System Lead Mentor
Programming, Mechanical, Electrical Mentor
Staff R&D Engineer and Technical Project Lead at Synopsys, Inc.
"FIRST robotics competition is not only about the robot, it is mostly about the students"
Team 1510 Co-Founder
FIRST 2002


Chris Lambert
Programming Lead Mentor
Resident Engineer at Connexus Industries, Inc.
FIRST 2011

Dave Sutherland
Electrical Lead Mentor
FIRST Alumnus

David Cobbley
Manufacturing Electrical
FIRST Alumnus

Thad House
Drive System Lead Mentor
FIRST Alumnus

Team Mentors and Special Volunteers

Ben Goetz
Scouting and HTML Mentor
FIRST Alumnus

Bret Toll

Bret Toll
Electrical Mentor
CPU Architect at Intel
"I found the size, complexity, abilities and quality of the robots astounding."
FIRST 2013

Chelsea Marlow
Manufacturing Supervisor Mentor

Edward Mitchell

Edward Mitchell

Apps Development Mentor
FIRST 2008
"Helping students develop their passion for engineering, and watching their excitement in the program is a big reward for mentors."

Jennifer South

Parent Organization Leader

Jon Warren
Mechanical Systems Advisor & Safety Guy for Shop Work
"The team spirit and enthusiasm from the students is very infectious and I now have the infection myself. I have become a ShockWave believer. The collaboration among the team members is Awesome! GO SHOCKWAVE!!"
FIRST 2013

Lisa Malecky
Business Mentor

Marci Ankerson
Bumper manufacturing Mentor

"One of the many things I think is great about FIRST is that there is something for everyone from engineering to marketing and everything in between! It's a great community for students to experience a professional workplace."

Sarah Brones

Sarah Brones
Mechanical Mentor
Office Manager at a Veterinary Clinic
"FIRST is the hardest fun you'll ever have."
FIRST 2011

Shawn Smith
Mechanical Mentor

Steve Zimmerly
Woodwork Mentor

Troy South
Mechanical & Manufacturing Mentor

Supporting Teachers

Mike O'Connor
Woodshop Teacher

Rob Bauer
Metalshop Teacher

Telecommunicating Mentors

Caio Tenca
Mechanical Mentor
Google R&D Engineer
FIRST Alumnus
FIRST 2002

Mary Steiner
Business Mentor
FIRST Alumnus

Quentin Luvaas
Mechanical Mentor
FIRST Alumnus


32 Students: Ranging From Freshmen to Seniors

Team Captains

Steen South - Team Captain and Mechanical Leader
Hannah Fritsch - Team Captain and Specialized System Leader

Mechanical Group

Carolynn Dulaney - CAD Leader
Jonathan McNamara - CNC Leader
Kyle Campbell
Cameron Stafford
Carson Miller
Collin Vanderzanden
Eli Zielsdorff
Kayla Toll
Leia Zimmerly
Luke Perrine
Nate Smith
Nicolas Welty
Oscar Zielsdorff
Sean Harple
Billy Persson

Programming Group

Nicholas Milford - Programming Leader
Carter Browning - APP Leader
Claire Edington
Daniel Van Orman - Web Design
DJ (David Joy) Romrell
Kobe Cong

Electrical Group

Nick Lekas - Electrical Leader
Hayden Miller
Jacob Ankerson
Luke South

Business Group

Ruby Clark - Scouting Leader and Rules Expert
Karissa Pavlik - Fundraising
Maraby Tanguay
Ty (James) Seely
Zoey Schaffner-Oldham

St Louis Championship 2013