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What is the FRC Glencoe Robotics Team 4488?

Through the organization of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), students from Glencoe Robotics Team, nicknamed Shockwave, will work side by side with professional engineers to design and build a 135lb fully functioning robot from scratch to compete at competitions such as the Oregon Regional.

FIRST Builds Academic Success in Science & Technology:

  • Offering almost $14.8 Million in college scholarships to team members.
  • 88% of FRC alumni went on to college.
  • 70% of FRC alumni reported an increased motivation to do well in school.
  • 80% of schools reported FIRST involvement has led to the creation of new courses and/or integration of robotics instruction into existing classes.

Why is it unique?

A unique varsity Sport for the Mind™ designed to help high-school-aged students discover how interesting and rewarding the lives of engineers and scientists can be.

  • The game rules are a surprise every year.
  • It is a sport where participants interact with and learn from the pros.
  • Designing and building a robot is a fascinating real-world experience.
  • Competing brings participants as much excitement as conventional varsity sports.

2015 Challenge - Recycle Rush

This year, the game is called "Recycle Rush" and is centered around promoting environmentally-positive practices. There are two alliances of three robots, who each stay in their own 26 foot by 27 foot zones (the field itself is 54 by 27 feet long). Each robot may start anywhere in its alliance's area, except for the Auto Zone, which is in-between the Staging Zone and the Landfill Zone in the middle of the field.

In autonomous mode, the robots may lift special yellow totes, marked with reflective tape, and regular, gray totes and place them into the Auto Zone's Scoring Platforms. If all three robots are in the Auto Zone at the end of the match, then the alliance gains more points.

Once teleoperated mode begins, each alliance may stack the totes into the Scoring Platforms in the Auto Zone. In addition, recycling bins may be scored by stacking them on top of at least two totes. Pool noodles, which are labeled as "litter", may be placed inside scored recycling bins or thrown onto a Scoring Platform. Also, "Coopertition Points" may be earned by both alliances working together to stack the special yellow totes in the middle of the playing field on a platform. If four are stacked, the points are doubled.

Meanwhile, human players may hand litter and totes to robots on their alliance or toss their litter over to the other alliance's zone (robots can't toss litter to the opposing alliance). Any litter that is left in an alliance's zone and not on a Scoring Platform is considered to be unprocessed and grants some points per piece to the opposing alliance.

For More Information Visit: The Official FIRST Website