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WA Mentors Roundtable

Thank you everyone that joined us in the Team 4488 Shockwave and Team 2046 Bear Metal WA Mentors Roundtable. Special thanks to Darren Collins for welcoming our teams with delicious food and drinks and Eric Stokely for organizing the Fieldhouse for us. We had around 50 people and 30 teams participating.

OR Mentors Roundtable

In its 4th year in OR, the 4488 Mentors Roundtable was very exciting, with mentors and coaches sharing ideas, technics they have tried, and teaching each other. We had around 25 people and 12 teams participating.

MRT Sample Documentation

You may find documents used in the presentation here.

We are hosting a Forum for FRC OR and WA adult mentors. Mentors and Coaches can use this to communicate to each other, ask questions or offer help. Please join using this link: FRC Mentors Forum, hosted by team 4488.

To find it, you may also click on the button FORUM above

Please contact Willie Tenca for questions.


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