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What is the FRC Glencoe Robotics Team 4488?

Through the organization of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), students from Glencoe Robotics Team, nicknamed Shockwave, will work side by side with professional engineers to design and build a 120lb fully functioning robot from scratch to compete at Pacific Northwest District competitions.

FIRST Builds Academic Success in Science & Technology:

  • Offering almost $14.8 Million in college scholarships to team members.
  • 88% of FRC alumni went on to college.
  • 70% of FRC alumni reported an increased motivation to do well in school.
  • 80% of schools reported FIRST involvement has led to the creation of new courses and/or integration of robotics instruction into existing classes.

Why is it unique?

A unique varsity Sport for the Mind™ designed to help high-school-aged students discover how interesting and rewarding the lives of engineers and scientists can be.

  • The game rules are a surprise every year.
  • It is a sport where participants interact with and learn from the pros.
  • Designing and building a robot is a fascinating real-world experience.
  • Competing brings participants as much excitement as conventional varsity sports.
Build Season 2016

Shockwave's Recent Achievements

2016 World Championship

  • Championship Tesla Division Quarterfinalist - Thank You to our Alliance: Teams 1250 and 548.

2016 PNW Championship

  • District Championship Quarterfinalist - Thank You to our Alliance: Teams 3393 and 955.
  • Quality Award Award

2016 PNW Philomath District

  • District Semifinalist - Thank You to our Alliance: Teams 2990 and 1432.
  • Innovation in Control Award

2016 PNW Wilsonville District

  • District Winner - Thank You to our Alliance: Teams 3711 and 1425.
  • Industrial Design Award