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2018 FIRST Robotics Competition Game® POWER UP℠

This year, the competition was revealed to be FIRST POWER UP, where teams Play For Real to escape an arcade game. The competition is comprised of scoring yellow “power cubes” into platforms (scale and switch), activating power ups to shift advantage in a match and climbing a rung at the end of the game! To gain an advantage during a match, teams must claim ownership of the switch and scale by placing the power cubes into the designated receptacles retro 8 Bit arcade gaming themed. Game Animation.

4488 Will be competing at:

PNW District Wilsonville Event

in Wilsonville, OR 97070, USA
March 8 - March 10, 2018

PNW District Glacier Peak Event

in Snohomish, WA 98296, USA
March 23 - March 25, 2018

FRC PNW District Championship

Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Portland, Oregon
April 4-7, 2018

OMSI LEAP Competition

FIRST Robotics Teams do more than just build robots. In an intense week-long competition, PNW FRC teams designed and presented ideas to create a new vision for OMSI and the Center For Innovation in order to attract and educate teens in STEM. The LEAP (Linking Engineering and Philanthropy) competition was organized by Team 1540, hosted by OMSI, and prizes provided by Autodesk. FRC Team 4488 Shockwave from Glencoe High School, in Hillsboro, was awarded the 1st place prize and $4000. Their winning proposal was entitled Escape Hall and was a multi-part escape room with the theme of Engineering Through Time. Team 4488 detailed the concept and designed a series of challenges for each of the rooms that combines the fun of team challenges while advancing STEM concepts and how they have progressed through time.

AEMBot 6443 from Liberty High School, Hillsboro, was awarded 2nd place and $2000. Their proposal was entitled A New Age incorporates fun activities such as a scavenger hunt, drone racing, VR gaming, 3D modeling, logo creation, film making, electrical engineering, programming, and the online communication format in Discord to engage and continue to bring students to OMSI. Through these activities, teens are able to learn about STEM while experiencing a hands on and collaborative environment.

3rd place was a tie between the Cloverbots 3675 from Battle Ground, Washington, who was awarded $1000, and the event organizer Flaming Chickens 1540 of Portland. 4th place and honorable mention went to Beavertronics 5970, from Beaverton.

4488 Go Baby Go China

Team 4488 volunteer for the project Go Baby Go in Oregon and has been a important influence of the Go Baby Go in China. Go Baby Go is a nationwide project that re-engineers ride-on-cars for children with all types of disabilities.

The lack of physical movement experienced by some children decreases brain development and interaction with their peer group. The re-engineered ride-on cars allow children with disabilities who would not otherwise be able to access this type of movement to develop cognitive and social skills at rates similar to their peers.

In the fall, Shockwave acquired their own ride-on car from China thanks to the occupational therapy department and professor Sandra Rogers at Pacific University. Our intentions with the car however were different from the GBG project in US. We reverse engineered the car to find out how the electrical system of the cars worked in China. We modified the car so that it would be adjustable to fit a variety of children living in orphanages in China with various physical needs. We created a manual which is being translated for orphanage workers in China to make their own cars. In China 98% of orphans are disabled so this project has the capacity of helping millions of young people.

Additionally, working this past fall with students at Pacific University, we helped during a GBG Build day, where a group builds disability specific cars for local children. After the cars were finished the children were able to drive around the hallways with their parents and siblings watching and supporting. In a few short hours the GBG group was able to improve the lives of several young children. Send us an email if you are interested in helping in a Build day.

Shockwave captains Nick Ogden and Claire Edington are currently in China working with an international team coordinated by Pacific University faculty that is studying availability of resources and training Chinese service providers for Go Baby Go programs in China. The Glencoe students will spend three weeks touring the country and helping develop training systems and adapting vehicles for use in local orphanages.

Follow it here: gobabygochina

Please contact Willie Tenca for questions.

GBG China Project

FRC Shockwave Robotics Team 4488

Through the organization of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), students from Glencoe Robotics Team, Shockwave,  work side by side with mentors to design and build a 120 fully functioning robot from scratch to compete at the PNW District Event.

Located in Hillsboro Oregon, Shockwave teaches a diverse group of high school students about practices in engineering and business through the use of competitive robotics. Working with industry engineers allows the students to cultivate both hard and soft skills to prepare these students for a future in any career.

FRC is a unique varsity Sport for the Mind™ designed to help high school students discover how interesting and rewarding the lives of engineers and scientists can be, in a creative and healthy environment.

Build Season 2016

Shockwave's Recent Achievements

2017 World Championship - Hopper Division

  • Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors and Safety Pit Award

2017 PNW Championship

  • District Championship Quarter finalist
  • Team 4488 was Rank 5 and Safety Hat Pins

2017 PNW Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science DistrictEvent

  • District Winner - Thank You to our Alliance Teams 1425 and 6445
  • Engineering Inspiration Award and Safety Pit Award

2017 PNW Wilsonville District

  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation and Safety Hat Pins


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