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2017 Kickoff

A new challenge will be unvelled during the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff 01/07/2017 - 10:30am EST. Teams will be working on a new robot from scratch until the Stop Build Day on 02/21/2017 at 11:59pm.

2016 Challenge - Stronghold

Stats of the Season

Our yearly challenge is titled "Stronghold" and consists of team breaching castle defenses and shooting gray balls at towers. The game is played with two teams of three robots which start in a neutral zone in the center of the field. Both of the team's zones are protected by walls and a gate in a formation chosen by the audience and has a tower in the back of the zone.

For fifteen seconds at the beginning of a game, robots may run automatically to score points. Specifically, they can travel to and breach defenses and shoot the gray balls at the opposing alliance's tower. This period is called the "Autonomous Period".

After that, the two minute and fifteen second teleoperated period begins, where players may manually control their robots remotely. Robots must drive over through certain spots in the wall of the opposing alliance's zone to "breach" it. Breaching multiple times results in a gate in the opposing alliance's defenses being opened and more points scored. Additionally, they may use one of their starting gray balls (which resemble large stones) or gather them in the neutral zone and catapult them into the three slots of their opposing alliance's tower.

A spybot may be placed before the beginning of the game into the opposing alliance's zone. Optionally, a human player may accompany the bot on the sidelines of the field.

For More Information Visit: The Official FIRST Website

Mock Build Week - "Tote the Goats"

Every year, Shockwave's mentors present a small challenge to the students in order to host their own mini-build season. For a single week, the team works to create a tiny robot to achieve their goals. During this time, they have the same demands on time and work from each student as they would have in build season after the real challenge is presented.

The objective this year was to pick up "goats" (balls, in reality) and place them in a tote. After that, the robot must be able to score the tote in a goal. Meanwhile, there are restraints such as not being allowed to shoot the goats into the tote, outputting the goats in single file, and other requirements surrounding inputting goats and software usage.

Mimicking the real challenges, this practice assignment included the two basic modes of the games. An autonomous mode, where the robot is only controlled by automatic programming, involved collecting and scoring goats. After that, a teleoperated mode began, allowing players to manually operate the robot using controls and continue to complete the game before time ran out.

However, groups not directly related to the robot were included in the work too, as they had tasks as well. Applications Software were assigned to program, learn how to manage data better, improve their organization, and gain a new tool. Likewise, the Business team were asked to complete letters, cards, invitations to events, and compile lists of donors and sponsors.

Click here to see the initial challenge presented on November 13, 2015.

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